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Audio Bible via Real Player
Listen to the entire Bible on the Internet

Narrated by Alexander Scourby

Defend Proclaim The Faith -- AND -- John McTernan Insights
John P. McTernan (Author of: "As America Has Done For Israel")

Dictionary, Thesaurus, Encyclopedia, Atlas, Almanacs,
White Pages

Very convenient

Fasting, Healing Detoxification, Weight Loss
Tom McGregor

FLV Encoder (Free service)
Need a Flash format for your video file? The following FLV Encoder is a FREE service right here on if you want to convert your video file (in many formats) to a FLASH (flv) format. Here's how:

Use FLV Encoder to convert your videos to Flash FLV - NO SOFTWARE TO INSTALL. Simply upload the video, click convert, wait for the encoder to finish, then download the video to your computer!

Hell's Best Kept Secret
Ray Comfort

King Messiah Project
Louis Ruggiero
Christian Evangelism, Healing, and Teaching Resources

Learning to Play Keyboard or Piano by EAR quickly
David Sprunger - Online Training Video Library for Many State-Of-The-Art Computer Software Programs (Excellent). Learn At Your Own Pace. - Great Tool for Poetry or Song Writers

Salvation Station
Michael Stevenson

The Quickened Word
Sandy Warner

Voice of Evangelism
Perry Stone